Coyote Fencing

Coyote Fencing

Preparing the home, farm or commercial setup against New Mexico’s infamous coyotes should always be your topmost priority. At Albuquerque Fence Company, we ensure that nothing enters your ranch against your wishes, courtesy of the popular Coyote fencing service.

Set up as a heavy and durable steel mesh that even goes inside the ground for keeping the digging enthusiasts at bay, Coyote Fencing isn’t easy to execute. Despite being popular and necessary, Coyote Fencing isn’t the best-executed form of installation, as it requires a proper understanding of the process.

At Albuquerque Fence Company, we keep the basics intact by:

● Keeping the fences high enough i.e. at least 6 feet for the high jumpers

● Keeping the safety fence deep enough as Coyotes tend to dig and enter the farm

● Placing deterrents or something like an Oscillot attachment to prevent jumps (optional)

Moreover, if you are in Santa Fe or an adjoining New Mexico province, a steel welded anti-coyote framework is absolutely

imperative, provided you are planning to set up barrier gates.

Why Albuquerque Fence Company for your Coyote Fencing?

● Efficient usage of Spruce-Fir Latillas for confusing the coyotes

● Proper implementation of horizontal rails

● Inclusion of 2-inch 14-gauge pipes for added strength

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