Wood Fencing

Wood Fencing


Ever considered inventive and low-cost fencing solutions for your home and office establishments?

If you are looking to barricade an open region with a popular fencing solution that doesn’t dig a hole in your pocket, opt for the Wood fencing solutions offered by ABQ Fence. Our experts ensure that the best-in-class innovation surrounding wooden fencing, where the focus is on durable and weather-resistant solutions.

Benefits of Wood Fencing solutions offered by ABQ Fence

Our wood fencing solutions take the following aspects into account:

  • Durable fencing with a focus on diverse material selection, including teak, cedar, and more
  • Zero fading guarantee
  • Easy-to-paint surfaces, provided you seek colorful solutions
  • Zero-rot promise
  • Immune to insect damage
  • Treated wooden solutions for added establishment safety

Our Offerings

In addition to offering the mentioned innovation-focused wooden fencing solutions, we also take care of the permit issues that often come up if you want to get a wooden fence erected in a region sharing borders with a neighbor. Our technicians scan the existing guidelines surrounding the concerned area to be fenced whilst drawing detailed plans and taking images to secure a ready permit. 

Our wood fencing solutions take the following categories into account:

  • Wooden rails for covering extended areas without obstructing the field of view
  • Exquisite Wooden rail fencing that strikes the perfect balance between railing and fencing
  • Wooden privacy fencing
  • Picket fencing
  • Cedar fencing

Wooden fencing solutions at ABQ Fence are tested and cross-referenced for quality. Connect with us today for a free quotation:

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