Wrought Iron Fencing

Wrought Iron Fencing


Wrought Iron Fencing solutions are probable choices if you are looking to achieve the perfect blend of quality with innovation.

Starting from using the authentic sand casting finials to ensuring that each picket is designed to perfection, our wrought iron fencing solutions take every aspect into account and come out on top when user aspirations are concerned.

Benefits of Wrought Iron Fencing

Our Wrought Iron Fencing services and solutions ensure:

  •         Fully welded solutions with a focus on security and strength
  •         Hot-dip galvanizing support for ensuring rust protection
  •         Inclusion of pretreatment wash as a part of a multistage plan
  •         Coating with TGIC-grade powder finishing
  •         Inclusion of fade-resistant polymer as a part of the exclusive wrought iron fencing solutions
  •         Extended warranty claims on specific products and iron fencing technologies

 Our Offerings

At ABQ Fence, we offer different forms of Wrought Iron Fencing solutions that include but aren’t limited to:

Classic Fence

We offer Classic Iron Fencing resources that are best known for their timeless designs and the ability to bring forth several architectural designs into the mix. Our classic iron fencing solutions include the following resources:

  •         Sand-casted and die-casted solutions
  •         Presents a more organic feel and look to the created designs
  •         Each fence picket is welded to the finial
  •         No usage of screws and glue-like some of our competitors
  •         Versatile iron fencing solutions where products age like fine wine
  •         Wide-range of available fencing grades including Signature and Traditional styles


Hoop and Picketing

Our Hoop and Picket fencing solutions available at ABQ Fence bring back the quintessential styling of wrought iron fencing. Our experienced technicians pair up with seasoned craftsmen to create each hoop and picket by hand, whilst lining up the finials via high-end welding strategies.

With ABQ Fence on board, you can expect:

  •         Seamlessly welded quad finials
  •         Vintage look for each hoop and picket
  •         Perfect front yard inclusion
  •         Seamless inclusion of wrought iron fences atop patios and walls
  •         Traditional grade designs with customizable gate height and width management


Puppy Picket

ABQ Fence offers puppy picket wrought iron solutions where the focus is on erecting 18-inch pickets from the bottom to avoid small dogs and puppies entering the establishment. Our service sets include:

  •         Functional fencing with pets in mind
  •         Adequate spacing between the finials to assume pet safety
  •         Welded quad finials and flairs regardless of the design

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